When you are tense, let me teach you to relax. When you are short tempered, let me teach you to be patient. When you are short sighted, let me teach you to see. When you are quick to react, let me teach you to be thoughtful. When you are angry, let me teach you to be serene. When you feel superior, let me teach you to be respectful. When you are self absorbed, let me teach you to think of greater things. When you are arrogant, let me teach you humility. When you are lonely, let me be your companion. When you are tired, let me carry the load. When you need to learn, let me teach you. After all, I am your horse

Meet Ally

Hey there, my name is Ally and I’m the horse crazy heart and soul behind the lens of Ally Crawford Photography. I was born and raised in ​Southern Oregon, moved away for some time and now I’m back! I am a full-time farmer, wife, photographer, goat rancher and mama to two of the most precious dimpled children ya ever did see…I may be a bit bias.

"Photography is a Love Affair with Life."

I have an intimate passion for the agricultural lifestyle and find an immense beauty within such living. I have an even greater passion for photography and find myself able to express much more throughout my art than any other means. I love documenting true emotions, connections and relationships between both humans and our beloved equines. Welcome to the site, I am so happy to have you!

“I love this photographer! She captured the true beauty of my family and for that, I will be forever grateful! Thank you Ally!”

- Kelly A

“Love Ally so much! So easy to work with, I would definitely recommend if you live in the basin!”

- Lynlee V

“I have now had two children’s photo sessions and I love every picture she takes. It was so hard to choose from the last session I just ordered them all:) Ally is very patient, kind, and considerate. She works well with my children and makes them feel comfortable like they are right at home. My kids and I enjoy the time we spend with her. Not only is she a great photographer she is a mom herself and has become a good friend which I think only adds to the experience. I feel blessed to have such amazing talent right here at home and pictures I will treasure for a lifetime. I promise you will not be disappointed. She does phenomenal work. Thanks Ally for your time and dedication we appreciate you very much. My children and I look forward to future sessions with BlueJeans n Pearls Photography.”

- Ashley H

“Ally is an amazing photographer, not only in her talent, but how she interacts with her subjects! She has a knack of catching a moment you might not even have noticed. I always say her work is magic! Highly recommend this gal, especially for kiddos!”

- Jennifer A

“Ally is awesome. She is so professional and kind. 100% recommend.”

- Chris W

“Highly recommend Ally, she has a unique approach to photography. She is amazing with kids and has a patient temper. Ally has a eye and understanding of what each family is asking and what fits them personally. I am very happy to call Ally our family photographer.”

- Melinda B

“We loved her and our photos! She was great with the kids and so patient.”

- Alisa B

“We’ve used a few different photographers over the years and have some decent photos from them. Our session with Ally was different and captured some of the best shots we’ve ever had as a family. I am incredibly impressed at how much of our family dynamic and personality come through with Ally’s style. I’ve also had experiences where I’ve had to wait 30+ days to get my photos. I am not a patient woman. I was SO surprised to see our sneak peeks posted the same evening as the shoot and our final images available within a couple days. I’m sure when she gets busy the turnaround times might be a little longer, but I was extremely impressed!! My only problem now is that I want to order ALL of them!! And I want to schedule photos of my girls every couple months.”

- Jennifer E

“Ally is a very talented and amazing photographer! I love all of the pictures that she has done for us.”

- Cecilia J

“Ally Rocks!!! She always knows just what to do and she just gets the right pictures. And then she always gets those candid shots that are completely unexpected and turn out to be some of the best pictures ever!!!”

- Heather N

“This was our first time using BlueJeans n Pearls Photography for our family photos. I was a little concerned about doing fall photos with a newborn and it being cold outside. However, Ally came up with the idea of doing a lifestyle session. I had never heard of this, but after checking out some ideas on Pinterest she suggested, the idea was appealing. She came to our house and took photos of us doing everyday things. It was a little awkward at some points just because we had never done something like that before. I was nervous I wouldn’t like how they turned out. After getting the photos I realized she was right in suggesting this style of session. Years from now I will love looking at how our family was and remember cooking pancakes, or playing with blocks, not just posed photos in an un-memorable location. I would highly recommend trying out a lifestyle session! Thank you again for the great photos.”

- Sarah M

“I LOVE Ally! My son and I had a session today with her and she is amazing! Just saw a couple and WOW! In love! Thank you Ally!!”

- Dani F

“Ally is wonderful. I love how she captures life’s spontaneous moments instead of posed generic photos. I have had 2 sessions with her and was thrilled with the amazing work she did.”

- Dani D

“Thank you soo much Ally for all the fun laughs and the experience you gave us for our first time being photographed! Cannot wait to see the pictures! She does a fabulous job of coming up with creativity and excitement to see the final product! So relaxed and enjoyable for everyone! Thank you, thank you!!”

- Heidi M

“Thank you Ally for not only capturing stunning photos of my family, but helping my boys enjoy the session. It was an absolutely wonderful experience.”

- Jerina H

We love questions !

What are your favorite sessions to shoot?

Hands down my absolute favorite shoots are ranch lifestyle sessions, following a mother and her children through the daily life and chores on their farm/ranch. There is something so beautiful to me about the dynamic of the life of a ranch mom, it's not something easy (as being a mother in itself is never an easy job)....It can also be awfully messy! I find an overwhelming joy however in documenting such and showing these women how truly beautiful they are and what a great impact they make in so many lives!

How long have you been in the business?

I started the business in 2012, but I have been a "photographer" for much longer. I received my first camera from my mother when I was in the 3rd grade, it was a Vivitar and I was obsessed. I spent endless hours photographing my horses and pets mostly. As a child I would save up my minimal amounts of allowance to purchase rolls of film and develop my images. My interest in the art and constant documentation only grew greater from there on.

Do you offer any Commercial Photography?

YES! I have done quite a bit of commercial work from stallion/foal/sale/show promotions to website imagery for western clothing boutiques, retail shops and small businesses! Please contact me info@allycrawfordphotography.com with your name, contact info, website/media links and photography needs. I love to collaborate!

Do you teach any classes or offer mentoring?

I do not currently teach any classes, however I do offer 1:1 Mentoring Sessions. Mentoring Sessions are available both via Skype/Phone as well as In-person. Contact me at info@allycrawfordphotography.com to get scheduled for your mentoring session.

What style of sessions do you offer?

I specialize in Equine, Couples and Ranch Lifestyle Photography. In my work I strive to capture authenticity, candid emotions and unique personalities. My work has been described as Rich, Honest & Natural...having more of a documentary type of feel. I thrive on telling stories of horse & rider, country love and the beautiful life on the ranch. All sessions are exclusively shot on-location. I do not offer any wedding or boudoir coverage/services.

What are your prices and fees?

Standard session fees start at $200. All sessions require a non-refundable $50 booking deposit (deducted from final balance due) and a minimum product/package order of $100. Contact me for full investment opportunities. Follow along of Facebook and Instagram for occasional specials and offers.

Do you travel?

Yes I do! I would love to meet you near or far and tell your story. I am located in Southern Oregon and available for travel around the United States. Please email me to inquire travel dates and pricing.

What is in your camera bag?

I am a NIKON lover! I shoot a pair of Nikon D700s which I love & cherish so much. My favorite of my lenses is probably my 70-200, but it truly does all depend on the subject and final image I am wanting to achieve! I carry a Kelly Moore Two Sues bag and a Lowepro Flipside Backpack which is my favorite! My glass arsenal consists of my 24-70mm, 85mm, 50mm, 70-200mm and 70-300mm all of which serve a great purpose!


a farming wife and lifelong horse lover......dedicated to capturing the deep relationships, raw emotions and beauty between people and their horses.

I like many other women was the little girl whose mother had her horseback before I could walk, one who's first love was a horse and never grew out of the obsession. I was gifted my first camera when I was about 8 years old, my favorite subject matter of course was my horses and family! I never imagined it would one day become my career. I know first hand the strong relationships we build with our equine counterparts. In knowing the depth of those relationships, they are something I am passionate about capturing in an honest & unique way for every client I meet. The horses that come into our lives and leave an impact should be cherished forever in our hearts and in art alike. My mission is to provide you not only admirable images of such horses, but to have those images encompass priceless moments and vivid memories. During any session with me you can expect to get close with your loved ones (horse or human), relax, have fun and make a memory. I want you to feel completely at ease and truly enjoy yourself throughout the entire process. Find more great info over on the Information page!

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